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March 27, 2018

For World Theatre Day: "Theatre has and continues to play an enormous part in my life. It is my strongest passion, my greatest joy and often the arena of my hardest struggles. It is the birthplace of my career and as a result has brought a vast amount of the wonderful people in my life to me.  It's home...and I count myself very lucky for it to be so. Happy World Theatre day. (refer to photo on Instagram) TB to Old Mahon in Playboy of the Western World at Rose Bruford where theatre turned from a hobby to a life."

January 1, 2018

“All the darkness in the world can’t block out the light of just one small candle...so burn as bright as you can do #2018”

Nov. 9, 2016 - For Chaskis Theatre: "As the sun rose this morning the world felt much darker than in the murky hours of the night.

Today, we examine the pieces of what is described as an "historic day" - a title that tends to mask the reality that it is simply, a tragic day.

Acceptance speeches wafting a suggestion of unity cannot hide how effective, once again, the divisive language of fear-fuelled isolationism and hatred have proved.


Now more than ever, we must come together and champion the values we hold, using the language we know best.

We stand up for equality without exception and empathy across all borders.

Cultural, ethnic, and sexual diversity are the riches of our global community. When these values are threatened Chaskis will fight back with "Poetry and Action" Love and community.

We cannot close our eyes and hope the darkness of today will simply pass. When tears have dried, WE WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS once again".


July 2016 - Instagram in response to Nice France attack: "Dropped into Gilles Peterson's World Wide Festival last week in Sète, South of France. Celebrating the bass notes of humanity - love, laughter, music and dance. There is a lot going on in the world right now and my heart is with the people of Nice - stay strong, passionate and strive to be happy. It's still a beautiful world we live in"


June 18, 2016 - Instagram memorial for Victor Spinetti: "Remembering my Great Uncle Victor Spinetti who passed 4 years ago today.
A truly wonderful human who brought so much love and joy to the world.
I remember travelling up to London to stay with him when I was 17 and first auditioning for drama school... He sat me down (with a glass of bubbly of course) and asked which speeches I was doing. Richard III I told him -
"Was ever woman in this humour woo'd"
He said "Right then tell me the story."
Well there's a bitter power hungry man -
"Huw I know the bloody plot of Richard III...tell me the story..." Most important acting advice I've been given. As a young actor you can get so caught up in process and character and technique and self-indulgent crap.
Above all - 'Tell The Story'
And boy did he know how to do that.
Hope your having an absolute riot wherever you are Uncle Vic. You're still making clouds disappear down here."

October, 2015 - YouTube My Theatre Hero for Park Theatre: "Always keep them guessing, always keep people entertained and keep surprising people and always tell the story"



November 2013 - A Love Affair With London Theatre Royal Stratford East Home Theatre.    VIDEO


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