2020 The Stroke, written and directed by Morgane Polanski, filmed in London April 2017, is now streaming online


 The Stroke Watch HERE                  

Cameo appearance by Huw at 3:27 Stills added to Gallery chronologically


2018 Mini series - "KILLING EVE" Senior (BBC America) -  8 part mini series - PREMIERES 8 APRIL 8 pm Episode 2 (original airdate 15 April)  "I'll Deal With Him Later"

2017 Feature Film "CLOSE" Adam  (Post production)...  Release date TBA

2017 April "Humanism"  Comedy Directed by Glauco della Scuicca London World Premiere 18 April, 2018

2017 April "The Stroke" Short Film Directed by Morgane Polanski release date and details TBA

2016 "VIKINGS" Roland (History Channel) Season 4A

  • Episode 1 "A Good Treason" Original Air Date February 18,2016  VIDEO RECAP (2:52)

  • Episode 2 "Kill the Queen" Original Air Date February 25,2016   VIDEO RECAP (1:29)

  • Episode 3 "Mercy" Original Air Date March 3, 2016   VIDEO RECAP (1:10)

  • Episode 4 "Yol" Original Air Date March 10, 2016   VIDEO RECAP (1:26)

  • Episode 5 "Promised" Original Air Date March 17, 2016   VIDEO RECAP (2:42)

  • Episode 6 "What Might Have Been" Original Air Date March 24, 2016

  • Episode 7 "The Profit and the Loss" Original Air Date March 31, 2016

  • Episode 8 "Portage" Original Air Date April 7, 2016   VIDEO RECAP (0:37)

  • Episode 9 "Death All 'Round" Original Air Date April 14, 2016

  • Episode 10 "The Last Ship" Original Air Date April 21, 2016   VIDEO RECAP (1:31)


2015 "VIKINGS" Roland (History Channel) Season 3

  • Episode 7 "Paris" Original air date April 2, 2015

  • Episode 8 "To the Gates!" Original air date April 9, 2015   VIDEO RECAP (0:24)

  • Episode 9 "Breaking Point" Original air date April 16, 2015    VIDEO RECAP (3:55)

  • Episode 10 "The Dead" Original air date April 23, 2015   VIDEO RECAP



2015, Commercial, Bryan, MARRIOTT REWARDS, MADAM, Johan Tappert  (director)
"Shooting took place in and around the busy international travel terminal Kings Cross St Pancras, the historical London building that is home to Marriott's flagship hotel, The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and iconic music venue The Scala. Director Johan Tappert and DOP Mattias Rudh helmed a team of A-List London crew 65 people strong, across a three day shoot, with two cameras, a main cast of two and 30 extras per day working within extremely high public profile areas. The additional supportive element of an on set stills photographer captured the high-end production process."~Madam


2013, Internet, Guardian Goggle Guy, Guardian Goggles April Fools, Guardian Film, Guy Grandjean


2013,  EastEnders, French curate Albert (BBC) 
Original Air Date June 18, 2013

2012, Commercial, Asia Male, Signal vertical expert toothbrush, Bare Films, Peter Salmi (director)


2012, Film, Winston, You've Got M@le, Met Film, Jay Lawrence (director)

2012, Short Film, Thomas, Hills Like White Elephants, RHUL (Royal Holloway, University of London)

2012, Short Film, Tom Montague, The Bridge, Little Spoon Productions, Patrick Hughes (DIRECTOR)

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